Is Alarm Monitoring Worth It?

Is Alarm Monitoring Worth It?

Having a monitored alarm system is definitely worth the investment when it comes to protecting your home or business. Unlike a local alarm that just makes noise, a monitored alarm system has the added benefit of alerting a monitoring centre when there is a potential security breach. This means that trained professionals can assess the situation and take the appropriate action, whether it be contacting the police, fire department, or other emergency services.

Monitored VS. Non-Monitored

Monitored alarm systems provide an extra layer of security by alerting a monitoring centre when there is a potential threat. Trained professionals can then assess the situation and respond accordingly. In contrast, unmonitored systems rely on a loud alarm to alert neighbours or passersby but do not provide any additional response. Here is some common equipment used in monitored security systems:

Monitored Smoke Detector

In the case of smoke detectors, a monitored system alerts the monitoring centre immediately, allowing for a faster response time from emergency services. An unmonitored system relies on the homeowner or occupants to hear the alarm and call for help. This can result in delayed response times, which can be critical in a fire emergency. Likewise, if you aren’t home, the system will identify that smoke is present in the building and alert operators to dispatch the appropriate authorities, saving potentially thousands of dollars worth of substantial property damage.

Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas that can quickly fill a home or business without warning. While unmonitored CO detectors can sound an alarm, they may not be effective in alerting you in time to evacuate safely. Monitored CO detectors provide an extra layer of protection by alerting a monitoring centre staffed by trained professionals who can quickly dispatch emergency services, even if you are unable to respond. Choosing a monitored CO detector ensures that you and others will be safe in the event of a CO emergency.

Monitored Temperature Sensor

A monitored temperature sensor, or freeze sensor, is another example of where a monitored system is more effective than an unmonitored one. In the case of a frozen pipe or a malfunctioning furnace, an unmonitored system relies solely on an audible alarm, which may not be effective if you are away from your property. For example, if you are away on vacation, your insurance company may not cover you if no one is regularly checking on your property when strikes, leaving you liable for substantial repair costs. However, some insurance policies allow you to substitute this requirement with a system monitored by a security centre, keeping your property covered for peace of mind.

Monitored Water Leak Detector

A water leak detector, also known as a flood sensor, is an essential component of a comprehensive home or business security system. With a monitored system, alerts are sent to a monitoring centre staffed by trained professionals who can take appropriate action, such as contacting emergency services or shutting off water valves. An unmonitored water leak detector would simply sound an alarm, while a monitored system would alert the monitoring centre, which can then dispatch a contact to take action to prevent further damage or danger. This can save property owners from costly repairs and ensure the safety of their property. Monitored systems ensure that even when you aren’t there, your property is safe from complete loss or substantial damage.

Alarm Dialer

An alarm dialer is an automated device that calls a pre-programmed list of phone numbers when an alarm is triggered. While it can provide some level of notification, it lacks the human response and expertise provided by a monitored system with 24/7/365 operators. Additionally, an alarm dialer may not be able to differentiate between a real emergency and a false alarm, potentially leading to unnecessary calls and delays in response time.

Alarm Siren & Strobe Light

While an alarm siren and strobe light can be effective in alerting people nearby to a security breach, they do not offer the same level of protection as a monitored alarm system. An unmonitored alarm can be easily ignored, and there is no guarantee that someone will respond to the alert. In contrast, a monitored system ensures that trained operatives available 24/7/365 are alerted immediately, enabling a quick response, and minimizing property damage or theft.

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