What is Alarm Monitoring?

What is Alarm Monitoring?

Alarm monitoring uses advanced technology to monitor security systems such as burglar alarms, fire alarms, medical alerts, and surveillance cameras. Essentially, an alarm monitoring system serves as a link between the security system and a monitoring centre staffed by trained professionals who can respond to alerts and take appropriate action.

When an alarm is triggered, such as when a window sensor detects a break-in, the security system sends a signal to the monitoring center. The monitoring center staff then assesses the situation and takes the appropriate action, which may include contacting the police, fire department, or other emergency responders.

Alarm monitoring can be done using a variety of methods, including traditional landline connections, cellular networks, and internet-based systems. Many alarm monitoring services also offer additional features, such as remote control of the security system and real-time alerts via mobile apps.

What is ULC Monitoring?

ULC monitoring, short for Underwriters Laboratories of Canada monitoring, is a rigorous standard for alarm monitoring services in Canada. The ULC is an independent organization that tests and certifies safety and security products and services, including alarm monitoring systems. ULC-listed monitoring centres are held to strict standards for response times, equipment reliability, and backup systems, ensuring that they can quickly and effectively respond to alarms and emergencies. For example, SecurTek is a professional security monitoring company that provides ULC-listed monitoring stations and is certified to perform ULC Commercial Burglary, ULC Financial Burglary and ULC Fire installations.

Choosing a ULC-listed monitoring service can provide an extra level of assurance that your home or business is protected by a top-quality security system. As a bonus, having a ULC-certified security system may also lower your insurance premiums!

How Alarm Monitoring Works

Alarm monitoring systems work by using sensors to detect and alert the monitoring centre of potential security breaches. These sensors can include motion detectors, door and window sensors, and cameras. When the sensors detect a potential threat, they send a signal to the monitoring centre, which immediately receives an alert. Trained monitoring centre staff then quickly assess the situation and then determine if emergency services are needed, such as contacting the police or fire department. The speed and accuracy of this process can be critical in preventing or minimizing property damage, theft, or injury.

How Much Does Alarm Monitoring Cost?

The cost of alarm monitoring can vary depending on the provider, the level of service offered, and the equipment included or purchased outright. For clients who wish to outright purchase their systems, various bundles are available to best suit your needs. Additional features, such as mobile app access and remote control of your security system, may also be available for an additional fee.

When choosing an alarm monitoring service, it’s essential to consider the quality of the provider. Not all alarm monitoring services meet the same standards, and some may not provide the protection you need for your home or business. Choosing a ULC-certified service provider guarantees high-quality response time and the latest in security system technology.

InsurGuard, a leading name in home and commercial security companies in Canada is partnered with SecurTek to provide top-quality alarm monitoring for its clients. By choosing a ULC-certified security system provider like InsurGuard, you can have confidence in the reliability and effectiveness of your alarm monitoring system.

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